Zaroor TimeMax Condoms - 10's Pack

Zaroor Condoms - 6's Pack

DKT India was established in 1992 to complement the Indian government’s work in family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention. Initially, DKT India served the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, but today DKT India operates nationwide and is one of the largest contraceptive social marketing programs in the world.

In the early years of the program, DKT focused primarily on condoms and oral contraceptives. DKT India now supplies a wide range of contraceptives under its Kare brand, including six types of IUDs, five varieties of oral contraceptives, a three-month injectable, an emergency contraceptive, and safe abortion products. DKT India has received support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, National AIDS Control Organization, UNFPA, USAID, and Finland’s Vaesolitto.

Zaroor is a leading condom brand that is promoted by DKT India. Zaroor currently has two variants namely Zaroor 6’s pack and Zaroor TimeMax.

The condoms also come with lubrication that can help her enjoy your thrust as there would be no pain, irritation or discomfort during your skinny dipping. You can just bang her comfortably as your organ would smoothly glide into her hole making it absolutely enjoyable for you and her.

Zaroor TimeMax is a delay condom that allows couples to enjoy physical intimacy for an extended time period. The lubricant used in Zaroor TimeMAX Condoms contains an active ingredient called benzocaine, which mildly and temporarily desensitizes the nerve endings in the penis, prolonging love making. For those who suffer premature ejaculation, Zaroor TimeMAX Condoms can offer major benefits. In a day and age when time is at a premium, the last thing you need is a lengthy, time consuming treatise on lovemaking.

DKT India, the makers of Zaroor TimeMAX condoms have come out with an interesting solution – Climax Controlled condoms with a specially formulated lubricant that will help you enjoy your Extra Time. Each condom contains a small amount of lubricant cream inside the tip, which disperses with body heat. The cream is mild anesthetic that de-sensitizes the tip of the penis, so sex can last longer. These condoms are ideal for those that get a little too excited way to early!

Zaroor Timemax dotted condoms come with sufficient lubrication that will enable you to make the most of your Additional Time.  Each condom contains a little measure of ointment cream inside the tip, which scatters with body warm. The cream is gentle analgesic that DE-sharpens the tip of the penis, so sex can last longer. The milk desensitization helps men to perform longer than usual duration and give her an amazing experience. As the name indicates TimeMax condoms can work wonders in helping you prolong your coital time conveniently.

When you are bitten by passion bug and you don’t want to waste even a single moment and start the game immediately, then Zaroor condoms can help you experience pleasure in no time. Try high quality Zaroor condoms and give your sex life a much needed boost as the condoms can help you achieve exploding climax and a highly pleasurable sex altogether.