Durex Condoms Sampler combo

Manforce Condoms Combo Pack - 20 Pieces

Screw in Colours - Coloured Condoms Sampler - 30 Pcs

Delay, Flavoured & KamaSutra Condoms Economic Sampler - 74 Pcs

Durex Condoms Sampler - 24 Pcs

Manforce & Kohinoor Condoms Sampler - 50's Pack

Skore Condoms Sampler - 50's Pack

Kamasutra Condoms Sampler - 50's Pack

For first time Condom users - Sampler Condom Combos

Sampler Combos is an assortment of condoms packed in combinations of 50 and 100 condoms to help couples enjoy continuous sex without having to buy condoms frequently. Further sampler combos allow men and women to try different brands from the pack and then settle for the one that they find it comfortable or just enjoy the different brands. Sex is all about breaking the monotony and bringing in variations right?

You get a different assortment for your choice. If you love flavoured condoms, then you can choose an assortment of 50’s pack with variety of flavours such as  Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Scotch, Orange, Banana, Black Grapes, Bubblegum and Coffee from brands such as Carex, Kamasutra, Moods, Skore, Manforce, XXX and more…  When you are drawn to oral sex, you can go in for Flavoured sampler 100’s pack and enjoy uninhibited oral sex till your stocks last. Needless to say, you will have more condoms per flavor, more flavours and condoms from more brands compared to 50’s pack.

When you are inclined to have natural sex, nothing to come between you and your partner, yet want to have your encounters absolutely safe, then you can go in for Ultrathin Sampler 50’s pack. You can have ultrathin condoms from five different brands in the following combinations Durex Superthin Condoms – 10pcs, Okamoto Skin Less Skin Condoms – 10pcs, Moods Ultrathin Condoms – 10pcs, Kamasutra Superthin Condoms – 10pcs and Carex Superthin Condoms – 10pcs. This repacked sampler combo helps you enjoy passionate sex for a longer period. If your frequency of indulgence is long, then you need not worry about the expiry date as all the condoms come with long expiry dates.

When you are particular about delaying your coital time and love to indulge for a longer period, then Delay Sampler 60’s pack is the safe bet for you. The pack comes with an assortment of 60 condoms from 6 different brands with 10 condoms each. This includes Durex Performa Condoms, Carex Power Shot Condoms, Moods All Night Condoms, Kamasutra Long Last Condoms, Skore Not Out Condoms and Manforce Last More Condoms. Having 6 brands is a sure shot way to try, mix and match to ensure the surprise element is retained and which will further drive her wild.

Not many know that condoms can double up as pleasure enhancers apart from offering complete protection. Dotted and ribbed condoms are created to make the love making extremely pleasurable and exciting. This sampler pack consists of 55 multi-textured condoms of different brands such as Moods, Kamasutra, Kohinoor, Durex, Carex and Score.

When you are particular about extra pleasure condoms, then the sampler combo has 70 extra pleasure condoms with an assortment of Warming, Cooling and double lubricated Condoms. Extra pleasure condoms are specially created to make your encounters highly sensual and exhilarating Extra Pleasure Sampler pack consisting of 70 condoms from 2 brands Moods and Kamasutra is ideal for extra pleasure seekers.

All the condoms in sampler combos come with long expiry and the name of the variant can be found at the back of the condom sachet.