White Heart Nipple Sequin

Eat Me with your Eyes: Charming Rose Nipple Pasties

Eat Me with your Eyes: Pinky Heart with Bow Nipple Pasties

Eat Me with your Eyes: Red Hot Star - Nipple Sequin

Eat Me with your Eyes: Breast Petal Bow Nipple Sequin

Eat Me with your Eyes: Bow Nipple Pasties with Jingles

Eat Me with your Eyes: Red Flag Nipple Pasties

Eat Me with your Eyes: Dazzling Circles Nipple Pasties

Eat Me with your Eyes: Black and White striped Nipple Sequin

Eat Me with your Eyes: Red Rose Heart Nipple Sequin

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Eat Me with your Eyes: Red Star Nipple Pasties

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Every young girl cutting across geography, religion and race aspires to have a sexy pair of breasts. It is a well known fact and scientifically proven that men are drawn towards firm, round and protruding breasts. The firmer the breast, sexier it looks. We know countless women spend lot of money on breast implant surgery to lift their sagging breasts. But there is a simpler solution to it. Nipple Pasties are the latest fashion accessories that can be simply worn over thenipples.

Nipple pasties are one of the new finds that are widely used by young women across the world for its convenience and reusable properties. They can simply paste the pasties on to their nipples. The self adhesive pasties can be worn to excite your man when you are ready for the game and he is sure to get floored to see your breasts laden with elegant pasties.

There are several types of nipple pasties available in the market. To name a few

White Fur nipple pasties:  White fur nipple pasties that can be used against any white lingerie. When you happen to show your assets covered with white fur pasties, your man is sure to get instantly turned on.

Sexy red heart shaped nipple pasties: When you can use a red heart shaped nipple pasties against your fair or dark skinned breasts, it looks like a work of art. Nothing can be more inviting when you show your bare breasts with red heart shaped pasties adorning your firm nipples. He is sure to grab your breasts with love and admiration

Sexy B/w striped nipple pasties: Black and white striped one can be so striking against your plump bosoms. This pasties can help you look incredibly sexy. When you get an opportunity to be with your man intimately, you can know from his instant surprise reaction.

Bow nipple pasties with jingles: The bow shaped nipple pasties come with tiny beeds that can create mild sound when you move your breasts up and down. It can create tingling sound when you walk or gasp.

Dazzling circles nipple pasties: You can surprise him with dazzling circle pasties today. Wear it before meeting him and then remove your tops slowly, and he is sure to ‘wow’ at your brightly coloured pasties and the whole new look of your breasts altogether.

Sexy red flag nipple pasties:  Red flag nipple pasties, when it is worn over your nipples can give distinctive elegance to your curvy and fully bosomed breasts. Keeping your nipple firm and erect, pasties can invoke passion and erotic urge when your boy friend looks at it.

Sexy red nipple sequin: Sexy red nipple sequin is a great way to enhance the looks of your breasts and allow your nipples to stay firm. All you need to do is to open the pack and paste the sexy red nipple pasties right on to your nipples.

Seductive red rose nipple pasties: Red Rose nipple pasties can add absolute elegance to your curvy and shapely bosoms. The dark red pasties, looking close like a rose flower stemming out of your nipple is sure to drive him crazy when he stumbles upon a chance to see it.

Breast petal-bow nipple pasties: Breast peal bow nipple pasties are the first choice of young and modern women of India as they find it absolutely comfortable to wear. And they know it adds to their beauty and positive image.

Nipple pasties are here to add the attraction quotient of your breasts.