Butter Scotch & Vanilla Flavoured Condoms - Mini Sampler - 15 Pcs

Chocolate Flavoured Condoms - Mini Sampler 15pcs

Green Apple Flavoured Condoms - Mini Sampler - 15 Pcs

Banana & Black Grapes Flavoured Condoms - Mini Sampler 15 pcs

Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Mini Sampler

Pine Apple Cherry & Coffee Flavoured Condoms - Mini Sampler - 15 Pcs

Mango & Orange Flavoured Condoms - Mini Sampler

Strawberry Flavoured Condoms - Mini Sampler - 15 pcs

Condom Mini Sampler

Mini Sampler combo consists of special assortment of condoms intended to enhance the quality of sex and allow couples to experience a new sensation under the sheets. The combo also allows couples to experience heightened pleasure and infuse fresh energy every time they get together for love making. The assortment consists of handpicked condom variants from leading brands to allow couples to enjoy a stimulating time in bed. When you feel that your love life moves in a monotonous fashion and you want to bring back that lost energy, then trying mini sampler combo can do the trick.

You don’t have to break your head and spend time in experimenting with various condoms from several leading brands. You are given a perfect combo after thorough evaluation of various condoms from some of the leading national and international brands. All you have to do is to choose the one that you prefer and then get on with your love making job.

There are few condoms that actually enhance the pleasure sensations during sex. The kind of sensations that your partner experiences with these condoms may not be possible under normal circumstances. For instance, the quivering pleasure that your partner experiences when a ridges of a ribbed or protrusions of a dotted condom when it rubs against her moist vaginal walls, is practically not possible with just your organ.

Mini sampler combo has an assortment of dotted and ribbed condoms from Kamasutra and Moods brand. The assortment is exclusively created to help couples enjoy heightened pleasure during love making. With dotted and ribbed condoms on, you can give her quivering pleasure and experience heightened arousal and enjoy amazing climax. Made using high quality latex, Kamasutra and Moods dotted and ribbed condoms are meant to allow couples celebrate sex and derive maximum pleasure from their love making, every time. As the condom moves inside her pleasure hole, the dots and ribs can weave magic by rubbing sensitive points allowing her to achieve exploding climax.Tyrit and feel the difference.

Similarly nothing but flavoured condoms can make your oral sex an enjoyable experience. In general, many women detest the smell of raw male organ that they refuse to take it on their mouth comfortably. This can either frustrate you or make you compromise your pleasure. But introducing a flavoured condom can do the trick. She would lovingly take your manhood on her mouth and you can enjoy being given a blow job.

Some of the exciting flavours available in the mini sampler combo include  Chocolate, Strawberry, Green apple, Mint, Pinacola, Banana, Grape, Mango, Orange, Butterscotch Vanilla, Coffee, Cherry and Pineapple. A wide range of flavoured condoms from reputed condom brands such as Moods, Kamasutra and Manforce are included in the mini sampler combo.

These exciting flavours can take your oral session into a feast and when you wear a condom with flavor of her choice, you can experience extended oral session as she is not going to stop after few pulls for sure.

The mini sampler combo can bring a new and energetic twist to your sex life and take your physical intimacy to a higher orbit.

Maximize pleasure with Condom Mini Sampler.